Kailyn Wilson
Hypnobirthing Practitioner Childbirth Educator HPCE
Hypnobirthing Australia™

I am a mum of two sweet little babes, Oscar who is a sensitive soul with a huge personality, and Florence who is perpetually happy and intent on wreaking havoc!


I have always been fascinated with pregnancy and birth and couldn’t wait for my opportunity to experience it firsthand. For me giving birth was the single most empowering experience of my life, and it has set me off on a mission to ensure that all mummas-to-be have the opportunity to feel the same.


I am extremely passionate about pregnancy and birth education, and know that understanding what your body is doing while in labour is essential to a calm and positive birth. I also understand that a positive birth will look different to everyone and I am here to support you no matter what your circumstances are.  


I look forward to meeting you and being a part of your inspiring birth story!